Child Development Center Childcare Philosophy

The philosophy of Living Word Child Development Center is to provide growth for the whole child..
We encourage and nurture children to grow: 
• Develop a sense of trust
• Realize their need for God’s love
• Know Jesus as their personal Savior
• Respond to God’s Love
• Feel secure in God’s love and care
• See themselves as God’s children
• Develop a positive self-image
• Be free to risk failure and be comfortable with mistakes
• Develop a sense of security and trust
• Show independence and self-responsibility
• Channel emotions into appropriate and acceptable outlets
• Learn to play, work and communicate with peers and adults
• Adjust to group situations
• Accept others even though they may be different
• Develop a sense of community
• Accept changes in environments and routines
• Develop gross and fine motor coordination
• Develop eye-hand and eye-foot coordination
• Become aware of his or her own body
• Continue to develop language use and understanding
• Develop an ever-increasing attention span
• Complete tasks begun
• Initiate his or her own activities
•Develop pre-reading skills such as: Visual discrimination; Auditory discrimination; Understanding of symbols;
Love of and interest in books
• View him or herself as a unique individual created
and valued by God
• Express ideas in his or her own unique way
• Be free to create artistically using a variety of media
• Develop his or her God-given talents and abilities
Religious Training – (NOT part of the WBSD 4K Program)
As a Christian child care facility, religious activities will be emphasized as part o the daily curriculum at all ages.
Specifically, this includes:
• Integrating Bible songs, stories, and prayers into the daily Curriculum
• Celebrating church related holidays (Christmas and Easter)
• Demonstrating and modeling God’s love and forgiveness with others
Our curriculum involves developmentally appropriate materials for young children. We recognize that children
build concepts on concrete experiences and learn chiefly through their senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.
Therefore, our teachers plan themes and activities based on the children’s level of learning and interests and help
children to grow and learn to the best of their God-given abilities.
Parent Communication
The Center provides a number of opportunities for parents to interact with teachers and staff. Parents are always
welcome to call the administrator or their child’s teacher at the center during the day if they have any questions or
concerns. Teachers communicate daily with parents through conversation and/or daily sheets. Individual classroom newsletters are published monthly. Other opportunities for parents and teachers to meet include our Open Houses,
family events, and parent/teacher conferences.
A copy of Living Word Child Development Center policies is available upon request.