This winter we are embarking on a congregation-wide series entitled

“Worshiper: How to Worship with Your Whole Life.”
It’s a 5-week series beginning on February 18th that will move us more deeply into the ways of a worshiper and help us explore practical ways to worship through the ins and outs of daily life.

It’s all about connecting with God in worship and being continually transformed by the process.
Get connected to a small Group (information about small groups will be announced on Sunday mornings) or just a few other folks – to do a 5-week DVD-based study. So be thinking about what night (or whenever) you will be able plug in to a group!       Here’s the lineup for the five weeks:

Week #1: Worship with All Your Heart (Worship through Faith).

Week #2: Worship with All Your Soul (Worship through Calling).

Week #3: Worship with All Your Mind (Worship through Pain).

Week #4: Worship with All Your Strength (Worship through Serving).

And Week #5: Worship with Your Whole Life (Worship through Surrender).


Ministries and Bible Studies at Living Word

Ministries and

Ways to Get Involved:

Altar Guild
Grounds Team
Building Maintenance and Repair
Food Pantry Ministries
Child Development Center
Prayer Team/Chains
Sunday School
Jr. and Adult Confirmation
Praise Team
Power Point
Sound Tech
after Worship Fellowship
Youth Ministry
…and More!

Bible Studies

last updated 01/17/18
Follow-up questions about attending these small groups, contact the our Church Office at (262) 677-1685, Ext. 200.
Sundays Mornings-
After fellowship.  Led by Pastor Huesmann.

Monday Evenings-                                             Men’s Bible Study

Meets in the Conference room at church at 7:00pm on Mondays (except for when the Elders’ meet.)
“Seven Mysteries of the Christian Faith”  by Steven Teske. The truth about God transcends reason and logic. This book examines seven mysteries—things we would not know to be true if God had not revealed them to us. Participants are invited to rejoice in the mysteries of our God.

Tuesday Mornings-                              Women’s Bible Study

Meets in the Conference room at church from           8:45am -10:30am on Tuesdays. All women welcome!            Childcare offered.

New Topic –  Starting January 23rd: “Coffee with The Savior” This session is set up as an 8-week session but will go longer due to discussion and the thoughtful material we will be covering. Come spend time learning about Moses’ relationship with his friend, God, while looking at some verses from Jeremiah.  In each lesson there are questions to help you apply God’s Word to your life and how to respond to His many gifts. So, come! Have a cup of coffee/tea with us, bring your Bible, and share a few hours with your sisters in Christ!